A brand new day begins...

Amēra Villas in Coral Bay in Cyprus

How is the notion of the word “day” defined? Is it just a measure of time? Is it the part of life during which the sun prevails? Or is it something far more than that? Amēra Villas have come to redefine the meaning of this small yet very important word through the revamped experience they offer; it’s not just a holiday! It’s a brand new way of seeing, a brand new way of traversing time…a whole new lifestyle.

Taking its name from the Greek word “mera”, which means “day”, with a unique archaic twist from the Doric dialect making it “Amēra”, our exclusive villas in Peyia, Paphos, honour their name in the most absolute way. A day is fully cherished in its entirety, from dawn to dusk and throughout the night; the stunning sea view drenches each and every moment; the surrounding pristine nature breathes new life; the pure Mediterranean sunlight and the shifting colour palette of the sky paint the most treasured memory canvas.

Because the Day is not just a means for measuring time; it is just like happiness: moments that come together with the sole aim to bring euphoria and timelessness. And, as such, Amēra Villas is not just four holiday villas in Coral Bay in Cyprus; it is your vehicle to value those small moments that make up the good living!

Man sitting at the rim of pool working on laptop, Cyprus - Amera Villas
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Luxury Villas in Peyia, Paphos

Amēra Villas is a complex of four private pool villas in Coral Bay in Cyprus, formerly part of Lithos Holiday Villas; a refurbished identity that comes with a renewed concept of living. Created to be a proper home for its guests, our exclusive villas in Peyia, Paphos, busk in the sunlight and the unspoilt nature of the area leveraging the charms of their surrounding ecosystem. Unpretentious yet stylish and elegant, both interior and exterior spaces accent their legacy. Natural materials, earthy tones and traditional details complete their pairing with the blessed land of Peyia.
All villas are located in a quiet village near Coral Bay and are fully autonomous with private pools.

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